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Executing Grace is not just about an "issue".  It is about the human lives affected by violent crime and the state-sanctioned violence of execution.  In writing the book, Shane interviewed family members of murder victims and family members of the executed.  He interviewed survivors of death row who spent decades in prison for crimes they had nothing to do with.  And he talked with prison wardens, lawyers, even folks responsible for overseeing executions.  Here are some of the photos of the people who have inspired Executing Grace.  Many of their stories are in the book.   We are grateful to our epic photographer friend Scott Langley for offering his photos.

(unless noted otherwise, all photos are by Scott Langley:



Other Images

Many of the photos above were captured by photographer and friend Scott Langley. 

Scott Langley is a human rights activist, advocate and photojournalist who has been documenting the death penalty since 1999. His long term project on the death penalty seeks to tell the story of executions in the United States – focusing on those impacted by the system.  His documentary project can be found at