"An invitation to build a world where we reject all forms of killing, both legal and illegal--a call to join a movement where grace gets the last word. A brilliant book."  
--Archbishop Desmond Tutu, author of The Book of Forgiving
"Invites us to be consistently pro-life. This is whole-making at its best!"
 – Richard Rohr, author of Falling Upward
“Engaging and compelling. You will be moved, informed and inspired.”
   — Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the Children's Defense Fund
“I wish the whole Church would read this book.”
   – John Perkins, author of Let Justice Roll Down
“A major contribution. Shane makes his case persuasively, creatively, and gracefully.”
-- Philip Yancey, author of Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?
"The best book on the death penalty since Dead Man Walking."
--John Dear, author of A Persistent Peace
“I recommend this clear and passionate book to all who want to follow Jesus, history’s most famous victim of state violence.”
   — Jim Wallis, founder and editor of Sojourners 
"Shane Claiborne may well join the ranks of Rachel Carson and John Howard Griffin--storytellers who've pricked the conscience of our nation and nudged us toward a more perfect union."
--Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, author of Strangers at My Door
“Claiborne will not let us off the hook about the radicality of God’s grace. Nor will he look away from the social reality of barbarism masquerading as legality.  One can only hope this vigorous, inescapable book will make the difference.”
-- Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary
“Intelligent, compassionate, and truly, truly important, by one of the most thoughtful moral voices alive today.”
--Brian D. McLaren, author of A New Kind of Christianity
“Executing Grace may be the best book on the death penalty. An indispensable work.”
–David P. Gushee, Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics and Director of the Center for Faith and Public Life at Mercer University
“Powerful, urgent, and right. Solidly biblical and full of wrenchingly gripping stories, every Christian should read it.”
– Ronald J. Sider, author of Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger
“Timely, relevant, inspiring and compelling!”
–Brenda Salter McNeil, author of Roadmap to Reconciliation
“Extraordinary. Shane delivers a heavy blow to the death machine. Read it at your own risk: you won’t be the same when you’re done.”
- Michael T. McRay, author of Where the River Bends
“Should be regarded as a warning to those becoming involved in American ceremonial killings. In the middle of the night it's just too late to reach out and blame it on the system.”
-Ron McAndrew, CPM Prison & Jail Consultant